LIFE: Being Grateful

It’s so easy to be unappreciative and irrational when it comes to wanting something but never getting it, (or getting it when we don’t want it) that we sometimes forget about all the other things that we have wanted and have been blessed to have. I came to the realization today, because I find myself wanting so much more than I already have, that I’m not being completely grateful for the most important things in my life that I do have e.g. the fact that I am 20 years old while many lost the opportunity to even be a day old, or that I have a mother who supports and guides me every day while they are thousands of people my age and younger, who’ve never had that maternal care and love, or the fact that God didn’t forget to wake me up this morning, or maybe the fact that I am alive and healthy while an innocent 10 years old boy is in a hospital receiving treatment after treatment for a disease that a cure isn’t guaranteed, and yet he smiles and embraces the opportunities that he has and hopes that one day he’ll get better and be able to run around with the other children in the playground. Not saying I feel guilty for my life but with all these listed misfortunes I think if you’re reading this post today then you have more than enough to be grateful for.

As human beings we often get lost in this web of wants, to the extent that we are forever wanting more, and we sometimes forget to stop, look up and just say thank you to God (depending on your religion/belief), or  to the amazing, accepting and sometimes lovely people in our lives. The whole point of this post is to remind us that as people, as much as we have an entitlement to have all that we do, still we must be thankful for the things and people that are on this journey of life with us. I’m Thankful to the men and women who have held open doors for me, the bus drivers that didn’t drive off when they saw me running to catch the bus or the shop keeper that let me off with my purchase because he saw that I was some pennies short. The point is, be grateful no matter what.

I’m grateful to be alive today, to be in this world even though I don’t 100 percent think the world is a good place but I’m grateful to be here. I’m also very grateful to the unkind people in the world, to the bullies and finally to the trifling ass thieves who have stolen my heart and never gave back tin one piece Lol, because thanks to them I know the kind of person that I don’t want to be.

Maybe negative and not so kind people are examples placed on Earth, illustrating to us what we don’t or shouldn’t want to be. With that, we should aspire to do better and be better for ourselves and others.

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