POETRY: Ode to the Fathers of Our World.

Happy Father’s Day to Fathers in our World.
A little something I wrote for the Fathers who matter, who stand and do for theirs. Also for the ones who aspire to be better.


Blossoming from childhood to adolescent,
growth evident in his stature, awareness and mental being.
He is a man, with a zeal for life,
a mission to provide, and an aspiration to be better.
Life is for his taken,
he finds his muse,
pays his dues,
makes an honest woman out of her,
and plants his seed.

A Man, watches and fortifies said seeds.
Working day and night,
Not given up his fight, a fight for life,
the fight to stay afloat keeping his woman pampered;
before and after the delivery of their bundle of joy.
He understands that a child is a gift, the pride of his manhood,
and not a toy that you pick and drop whenever it’s convenient.

A man stays, he cares and provides.
When the going gets tough, he persists.
Building his woman to perfection; in his eyes,
being what perfection is in her eyes.
They coexist. Correct wrongs. They work. Together. As one entity.

Tell me how then can this bundle of joy,
who has been lead, loved, and nurtured in the oneness of his creators,
be anything but a blessing to mankind?
How then can said offspring, not aspire to be greater than his makers?
How can children raised by Kings and Queens aspire to be less than they’ve been given?
We must be Kings and Queens in order for our future generation to follow suit.

Don’t be confused, leadership is more like it, because you see it takes more than being blue blooded to exhibit royal characteristics.

Imagine if every “man” who had the balls to get woman pregnant had enough balls to nurture their union to family status, how many broken homes and not man enough men would we have in our Society?
I say none.

Happy Father’s Day to our Fathers all over the world.

RIP to my Father, though late – I learnt how to be strong from his absence and substantial wisdom from his presence.

Image Source: http://vikcentr.narod.ru/index3.html

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