X, Chamomile & Deadlines

What ever happened to Midterm breaks being the time to lounge? Gone are the days when teachers gave homework, and you’d never do it, then go to school the next week praying they forgot about it. Then it was fun, there was never really any consequences – well apart from detention, and maybe being a bit slower than those who did it. University is a different ball game, if you don’t do the work…you won’t get the grade, and even if you do do the work, you might not get the grade you think you deserve. Sigh.

Ed Sheeran keeps me on track though, as well as the calming effects of Chamomile tea. Which brings me to the title of this post. X, I can’t get enough of this album. I’ve literally had it on replay for more than two weeks. EVERY song on the album is a hit…to me anyway.

A little tip: get a head start on the workload as soon as possible, so they don’t pile up (easier said than done, but doable)

Below are some of my fave songs from the album.

MOTIVATION: The Enemy within

Often times than not we doubt ourselves, for various reasons.

WE get in  the mindset of self-deprecation/sabotage, a feeling of not being “good enough”. What exactly is good enough? Good enough, to whose standards?

If for whatever reason your path in life isn’t good enough for you, then by all means please aspire to be better, rise above the odds, but do it for you, and in doing so, remember to release negative thoughts, do your best and let God do the rest.

Be happy and enjoy life – if for nothing, for the fact that you slept yesterday, opened your eyes today and are reading this right now.

Believe me it’s easier said than done, even those we consider the best struggle with this, but it helps to think positively and compliment yourself for the good enough things in your life.


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– Peace & Love 

MUSIC: A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest
Checkout Q-Tip looking all kinds of fine hehe

Allow me entertain you with my definition of Hip Hop. I wish I could say Quest was one of my favourite groups back in the 90s, but that would be a lie. I wasn’t even mature enough to understand their lyrics, talk less of understanding their message, sure I might have bopped my head here and there to the beats of the 90s (thanks to my Aunt) but I don’t really remember loving it for it, but rather because I liked everything my Aunt did (this is a good thing btw).

I do however, remember walking home from school under the heat of Nigeria’s Sun in the early 2000s and hearing Diddy’s “I need a Girl” blasting through Car Stereos and also on the weekends when my Aunt and I had mini cleaning parties where we’d dance to Kool & the Gang‘s “Get down on it”, or lip sync to Shaggy‘s “It Wasn’t Me”.

Span 15 years later, I appreciate Hip Hop for what it was with the raw talents of artists like Quest, though they’ve now disbanded, their music is still tight. Up until recently I wasn’t feeling their sound, perhaps it was their lack of over powering beats, or maybe it was the fact that they actually made me think of something other than how many “bars” they had –no, that’s not it. I think it was their constant portrayal of their reality without the need to embellish that threw me off, but now I know better. Hip Hop need not be plastered with arrogant and self-righteous lyrics about how many females the Emcee penetrates per night or the labels on their collar, because realistically speaking too much money ain’t enough many and no matter how many females you bag, there’s more to life/music than that.

Their Low End Theory album did it for me – lyrical excellence. Where facts of life, culture and reality aren’t embellished, but appreciated for what it is and put into context to spark conversation and provoke thoughts. Artists like Tribe, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Eminem, Ice Cube, TLC, Naughty by Nature, and many others portrayed this genre of music in a way that exceeds Gang culture.

Let’s for one sec. forget what music channels and popular “Hip Hop/Rap” artists today perpetuate as “Real”, and hop on YouTube, and get on that old skool vibe with Tribe.

This post is not to discredit the hard work and dedication of our Hip Hop artists of today, but rather to appreciate some of the pioneers of the Genre.

– Peace & Love –

POETRY: Ode to the Fathers of Our World.

Happy Father’s Day to Fathers in our World.
A little something I wrote for the Fathers who matter, who stand and do for theirs. Also for the ones who aspire to be better.


Blossoming from childhood to adolescent,
growth evident in his stature, awareness and mental being.
He is a man, with a zeal for life,
a mission to provide, and an aspiration to be better.
Life is for his taken,
he finds his muse,
pays his dues,
makes an honest woman out of her,
and plants his seed.

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LIFE: Ode to a Woman of Substance

Maya Angelou

I am extremely saddened by the loss of this literary powerhouse, I just had to make a post to express my condolences to her family, friends and fans like myself, but before I do, allow me apologize deeply for having neglected my blogging duties to my followers and readers, It’s been a while. Continue reading “LIFE: Ode to a Woman of Substance”

INSPIRATION: Nelson Mandela

Been so busy all day today, 24 hours and 15 minutes late, but I’d like to take this time and wish one of the most inspirational people I have had the pleasure of reading about, Happy belated Birthday Mr Mandela. Wishing you improved health, happiness and many more happy Birthdays. Through this man and many others like him I know the true meaning of the quote “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. Set the standard you want and stick to it. Don’t settle for anything less than that which you deserve.  A true inspiration, and a legend in his own right. Happy Birthday.

Nelson Mandela

INSPIRATION: Give Yourself Permission.


As people we are born with different traits, skills, talents, etc. which brings the saying we are all different in our own way but one of the many things we do have in common is the ability to be great and we can only unravel our greatness when WE GIVE OURSELVES PERMISSION.Stop Asking and start doing. I know you may think it’s easier said than done, definitely. It is, I still struggle with this prospect but i’d rather be pushing boundaries, achieving goals, experimenting with my skills than sitting around wondering what could have, should have or would have been. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We as people are scared of feeling or being inadequate, of failing, of being laughed at, embarrassed and even afraid of success, so for those reasons we hide. We hide in our shadows cause that way we blend in. Why blend in, just so you can be envious of someone driving a Bentley, sleeping in 5 star hotels, buying their dream houses, having their own fashion shows, their own label, when YOU know the only difference between you and that person is the fact that they said YES and followed through, not cause they’re richer or better but simply because they said yes and followed through, they gave themselves permission to be what they want to be, yes mistakes may happen, they may have failed but what matters is not how many times you fall but how many times you can pick yourself and get back up.

Some inspirational words by Coach Felicia.T. Scott – Empowerment Speaker

1. Open Up: Closed hands can’t receive new blessings. We instinctively close up to protect what we want to keep. But we must remember that if we aren’t willing to lose something, we usually can’t gain what we deeply desire. The same action that keeps things in—locks things out. Keeping our emotional and spiritual freedom is pivotal to a joy filled life. We can only lose them when we allow the pain from negative experiences to “determine” how we live.

2. Get Out of Line: We can’t fly “playing it safe” and “being liked.” I don’t condone or encourage irresponsible behavior, or isolating ourselves from others. But there are times when “line dancing” or doing what everyone expects is actually hazardous to our spiritual and emotional health. I love line dancing like everyone else, but sometimes to really live…you have to get out of line! Dance to what is in your heart by following your unique dreams and passions! Anything less will paralyze you.

3. Move When Life Moves You: I believe that God gives us instincts to lead us to the path that He purposes for our lives. Sometimes we miss opportunities because we ignore our instincts. The right phone call at the right moment could change your life. We talk ourselves out of opportunities because we live as if life is only what we see. There is far more waiting for us. Practice following your instincts and watch what unfolds for you.

4. Do Your Work: This week, challenge yourself to open your heart by being transparent. Then, challenge yourself to get out of line by doing something unique and creative that you’ve been longing to do. Finally, listen to your instincts by responding quickly to your heart’s promptings.

5. Define Your Wealth: Affirm out loud: “I choose to dance my dance and be me. I don’t need permission to be myself!”