FASHION: The Death of Individuality.

Over the years, fashion has been as we know it, a seasonal trend, something of the moment so to say. I mean without fashion shows, wouldn’t we have our own concept of what fashion/style is? of what we’re going to wear and in what manner we wear it in? In my opinion, Yes we will but over the years I’ve seen people base their style aka “Swag” on what everyone else is wearing especially celebrities, and how they’re wearing it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t fashion an interpretation of who we are? You buy fashionable items and make them your own in the manner at which you wear them which eventually equates to your style. I believe the art of being fashionable or stylish shouldn’t be about what’s in season but rather an interpretation of the person wearing the clothes. E.g. I love Trainers (male or female trainers), skinny jeans, baggy tees and snapbacks, so I wear these as a representation of my character/personality but nowadays, style, “swag” or whatever you wanna call it just seems impersonal like everyone is wearing it because everyone else is wearing it, think about it, guys, am I completely lost or do you relate and what is fashion to you?

“Fashion fades, only style remains.” — Coco Chanel