POETRY: Ode to the Fathers of Our World.

Happy Father’s Day to Fathers in our World.
A little something I wrote for the Fathers who matter, who stand and do for theirs. Also for the ones who aspire to be better.


Blossoming from childhood to adolescent,
growth evident in his stature, awareness and mental being.
He is a man, with a zeal for life,
a mission to provide, and an aspiration to be better.
Life is for his taken,
he finds his muse,
pays his dues,
makes an honest woman out of her,
and plants his seed.

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MUSIC: Joss Stone


I don’t know what rock I’ve hiding under, to not have known an artist by the name of Joss Stone. I mean , she’s amazing and thanks to Spotify, I now know who she is. Her voice is very big and soulful, full of emotion, sultry and raw all at the same time.

Jocelyn Eve Stoker better known as Joss Stone is an English soul singer, she also writes, and is an actress (haven’t seen her acting yet but will do) Her voice and style reminds me of artists like Chaka Khan or is it just me? *shrugs* Check her out though, and if you already know/knew her stuff, what are some of your favourite songs by her? Lemme know! These are some of mine.  Continue reading “MUSIC: Joss Stone”